Gingivectomy and Frenectomy

Do you have visible cavities/decay that you can see on the front of your teeth? 

All too often cavities/decay can extend below the gum tissues.  When cavities are below the gums, they must be restored or you might end up losing the tooth.  In order to restore these teeth the gum tissue must be removed or reflected to expose the extent of the cavity/decay.  We utilize a simple laser procedure to trim back the gum tissues in order to expose the decay.  This leaves you with very little to no post operative pain.

Tongue-tied? Sometimes the attachments(Frenums) from the tongue are too short and don’t allow us to properly be able to move our tongue in the way we need to. This affects speech and communication, as well as eating and swallowing foods.  We provide relief for t patients who are experiencing this problem by performing a Frenectomy.  This procedure takes very little time and is performed with ease.